X-Drive Silver - Racing Genua

X-Drive sails made with S-Glass yarn reinforced tapes are a good solution for owners on a budget or who prefer sails that look white, while having performance close to sails made with carbon fiber. As the chart shows, S-Glass yarns have nearly three-times the Modulus (ability to resist stretch) and Tenacity (breaking strength) than those used in woven polyester (Dacron) sails.

S-Glass yarns are less expensive than carbon and they are heavier, but on smaller sails, the lower stretch resistance and increased weight is not as noticeable.

UK Sailmakers’ tape laying machine puts down up to 11 tapes at a time in a 20 cm wide path (8 inches wide), which means there are hundreds of tapes on the sail. The almost complete coverage of the sail’s surface with S-Glass yarns prevents the sail from getting wavy or unfair. Because of the nearly complete coverage of the sail with tapes, the strength requirement of the base laminate is reduced. This means we can use lighter and less expensive laminates than would be used in traditional Tape-Drive sails.

To reduce glare and to give the sail a more performance look, laminates with a grey taffeta can be used.

The S-Glass yarns used in X-Drive tapes are dry—not coated in glue—which keeps them from becoming brittle. Keeping the yarns dry improves their flexibility.