Radial HydraNet - Cruising Genua

Roller-furling cruising radial Hydra Net® Passagemaker genoa and roller-furling mainsail with UV protection. The Passagemaker's standard features are a foam luff for better reefing and furling, reefing reinforcements on the foot and leech and UV covers on the foot and leech.

Hydra Net® radial sails are for big boats interested in a woven sailcloth. Hydra Net® is a custom Dimension Polyant hybrid that is a mixture of woven Spectra and polyester yarns.  Dimension Polyant describes their cloth: Hydra Net® radial styles combine the durability of a woven polyester base with a ripstop of Ultra-PE (generic name for fibers such as Spectra and Dyneema). The resulting fabric is higher in tear strength and, combined with the strength of the ripstop, stronger over the life of the sail than any woven polyester. A bonus of the woven polyester construction is a breathable platform that minimizes the damp environment that triggers mildew growth. A tight weave gives Hydra Net® radial its superior shape retention; the fabric also has a soft working “hand.” For the sailmaker, design targets that were possible only with laminates can now be achieved with Hydra Net® radial.