Nicht überlappende Genua

Yacht design has evolved greatly in the first part of the 21st century. Standard sail plans have tall fractionally-rigged masts with non-overlapping genoas and big mainsails. Sailors like this new sail plan since the smaller jibs are easier to trim and require fewer crew to handle. Non-overlapping jibs last longer since their leeches do not get dragged across the shrouds and mast on each tack as do overlapping genoas. Another reason sailors like the smaller genoas is that they are much less expensive.

Technical Trivia. The definition of a foresail that does not overlap the mast is a “jib,” while the definition of a foresail that overlaps the mast is a “genoa.” Most people use these terms interchangeably.

Modern boats have wide spreaders which prevent the use of over lapping jibs for upwind sailing.

With wide swept-back spreaders, the jibs can overlap the mast slightly as shown above on this J/122.